Moving Parts is a collaboration between Active* Consent, Institute of Art, Design and Technology animation students and the University College Cork Bystander Intervention programme.

This student-led project includes several animations that draw attention to issues across the spectrum of sexual violence, including sexual consent, bystander intervention, and image-based sexual abuse.

The name “Moving Parts” was chosen to reflect the spectral nature of sexual violence, and how it is affected by a multitude of factors – from social norms and gender roles to pop culture. As such, we must take a multi-faceted and dynamic approach to dismantle rape culture, and promote a culture of consent through education, policy and the arts.

Moving Parts animations are freely available to educators and student leaders for general use (i.e student orientations, consent workshops, sexual violence prevention initiatives, etc).

These animations are available in both English and Irish with subtitles for educational purposes. Irish videos with English subtitles are available upon request.

The project was funded by the Higher Education Authority.