The Active* Consent programme has grown out of the University of Galway tradition of research and community engagement. In tackling societal issues like consent, sexual violence and harassment, we have conducted research into young people’s sexual experiences and attitudes towards consent since 2013.

With this data, Active* Consent creates original consent education and training resources including workshops, eLearning modules, educational videos, original dramas, and social media campaigns for colleges, schools, and sports organisations.

The Active* Consent programme believes that the most effective form of consent education supports young people’s sexual health and agency and is taught through a sex-positive lens which honours peoples’ choices whether or not they choose to become sexually active.

The Consent Hub

The online consent hub brings together Active* Consent with Galway Rape Crisis Centre, Rape Crisis Network Ireland, and the 1752 Group to collaborate on meeting the pressing need for positive learning about consent alongside sexual violence and harassment:

  • GALWAY RAPE CRISIS CENTRE is a service for anyone affected by sexual violence, abuse and/or harassment, offering support through trauma-informed specialist counselling services, advocacy, awareness raising, and education programmes.
  • RAPE CRISIS NETWORK IRELAND (RCNI) is a specialist feminist sexual violence NGO, founded owned and governed by rape crisis centres. They develop evidence, expertise and analysis to best respond to sexual violence and towards prevention by creating structural and cultural transformation. They develop and coordinate national projects aimed at upskilling, leading and evidencing the work needed on combating sexual violence.
  • THE 1752 GROUP is a UK-based research and lobby organisation working to end sexual misconduct in higher education, with a particular focus on graduate students and staff experiences.

All of our resources and learning materials are developed in consultation with young people and other stakeholders, such as Sexual Health West, the National Parents Council, and the Irish Second-Level Students Union. We have also had ongoing collaboration with the Union of Students in Ireland, having produced the 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey together.