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As a secondary school teacher, you might also benefit from familiarising yourself with some of the resources developed for college student leaders and staff to learn more about consent education. Find these resources here.

Active* Consent for School Communities – workshop for 2nd level

The Active* Consent Workshop provides a sex-positive and safe space to explore the nuances of sexual consent.

The workshop supports young people in building their knowledge of consent as a key component of positive sexual health and well-being. We believe that effective consent education supports young people’s sexual health and agency, and is taught through a sex-positive lens that empowers the reflection necessary to make informed choices about whether or not they ever choose to be intimate with another person.

You can also contact us to learn more about the workshop, possible briefing sessions, and how to get trained as a facilitator.

“Start Here” disclosure tips poster

What would you do if a young person in your life told you about a negative sexual experience they have had?

Start Here with our disclosure tips poster for educators.

Click the button below to download our Start Here disclosure tips poster on what to do if a young person tells you about a negative sexual experience, for your staff room, guidance office or other secondary school setting.

This poster includes –

  • Tips for what to say (and what not to say) if a young person under 17 discloses a negative sexual experience to you
  • Next steps for reporting as a mandated person
  • Support services and helplines

Poster Download

Start Here campaign page for second-level educators


“Green Flags” activity – increasing students’ awareness of positive relationship behaviours

The Relationship Green Flags Activity is a positive, interactive exercise that encourages students to reflect on their idea of a “good” romantic partner, and the positive aspects of romantic and sexual relationships. It helps to show students that consent is a positive concept, not just something related to sexual violence.

While we should be aware of red flags, as it is important to raise young peoples’ awareness of abusive/unhealthy relationships, it is also important to share information on what healthy relationships look like.

This is a great activity for both secondary schools and college campuses for a variety of events, including:

  • Student orientation
  • Wellness Week
  • Consent Week
  • SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) Week
  • SPHE classes

Click here for our How-To guide on delivering the Green Flags activity in your institution.

“Sex On Our Screens” eLearning Resource

It’s no secret that pornography and sexual media have become incredibly accessible to everyone – including young people. We also know from our research that many young people are also dissatisfied with the sex education they received in school, and so will turn to pornography and sexual media to learn about sex. 

Our eLearning resource “Sex On Our Screens” gives young people the critical literacy skills to analyse and critique the often harmful messages that pornography and other sexual media can promote, so that they can learn to navigate their ever-complex online worlds and pave the way for healthy, happy, and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Contact us to avail of this resource for your pupils.