The Kinds of Sex You Might Have At College Play

The Kinds of Sex You Might Have At College is a play about WHAT you want, HOW you want it, IF you want it AND what happens when you don’t. Performed by an energetic ensemble of actors who play multiple roles, Active* Consent’s original play based on research data and devised by college students brings audiences through a range of situations and stories that they may encounter as they explore the joyful and occasionally darker sides of sexuality and consent during college life.

Tackling experiences from across all genders, all relationships and all sexualities (or as many of them as we could fit into one hour), The Kinds of Sex You Might Have At College combines humour, satire and drama to share diverse experiences. This original Active* Consent play equips audiences with a more proactive understanding of consent to apply to their future sexual encounters as well as out in the world as possible bystanders to sexual violence and/or harassment.

Active* Consent’s The Kinds of Sex You Might Have at College is a long-term collaboration involving academic staff from Drama and Theatre Studies and Psychology and starring and supported by students and alumni who work professionally in the creative industries. The play has been under development since 2014 and has involved more than 40 students and alumni in its writing and performance since its first in-progress showing as part of a third-year module in Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Galway.

Directed by Dr Charlotte McIvor (Drama and Theatre Studies and Active* Consent Programme co-lead) with movement direction by Jérémie Cyr-Cooke (PhD Student, Drama and Theatre Studies), lighting and production management by Mike O’Halloran, stage managed and produced by Lelia Connolly, and starring Ikenna Anyabuike, MJ Devlin Larsen, Gavin Friel, Mark Heffernan, Ailish McDonagh, and Illana Semler with assistant stage management/assistant direction by Michael Arrigan.

Running time: Approximately 80 minutes including question and answer session with cast and Active* Consent team.

Content warning: This performance contains strong language including language of a sexual nature and themes of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment.

To read more about the play and to go deeper into all of the statistics we use in the play, access our play zines here:
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The play toured in Autumn 2022. Video recordings of the Active* Consent theatrical dramas will be available as educational resources in 2023. For more information, please contact