This report, published in August 2021, describes the development and piloting of the Active* Consent workshop for schools, which was piloted with 993 pupils from 10 schools across Ireland.

Pupils were asked to take part in a pre-/post-workshop survey based on attitude and knowledge measures that we have pioneered with college students. Almost all of the pupils in the pilot stated that the workshop was relevant to them and that it had increased their skills to communicate about consent and their understanding of the importance of consent before the start of any sexual activity.

In this report you will learn about the other parts of the school communities programme, including a theatrical film and sexual media eLearning package for schools alongside awareness-raising for parents and training for teachers.

The school communities report also describes a separate survey of 613 pupils from different parts of the country, which is the first in-depth exploration of consent communication among school pupils in Ireland. The pupils responded to a short ratings-based attitude item before writing responses to ‘consent stories’ that explored how communication is understood in practical situations.

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