Educators and Student Leaders – Training and Professional Development opportunities

At secondary school level, we offer:
  • Second-level Teacher Training to support you in facilitating and delivering the Active* Consent for School Communities programme in your classroom.
  • Second-level Parents’ Seminar for participating schools.
For colleges, we offer:
  • Active* Consent Facilitator Training to support you in facilitating our online or in-person Consent Workshops in your institution. (Staff and/or Student Leaders)
  • Active* Consent Ambassador Training to build your confidence and competence to roll-out sexual consent-related interventions and campaigns on campus (Staff and/or Student Leaders)
  • First Point of Contact Training in partnership with Galway Rape Crisis Centre. to provide you with the skills and knowledge to deal appropriately with a disclosure of sexual violence, and increase awareness of the causes and effects of sexual violence. (Staff / Student Leaders)
  • A 10-ECTS Level 9 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module “Sexual Consent Promotion: Skills and Practice.” The module is taught over 9 sessions and covers developing, delivering, and supporting education / training in consent, sexual violence and harassment; supporting students and staff with disclosure skills and organisational change; and policy background and development relevant to consent, sexual violence and harassment. This module been taken by college and secondary school educators, community workers, and workers from different branches of the public sector. To inquire about enrolment, if you are interested in any of the above trainings, contact us here

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